Double Rainbow Cupcakes

These were really fun to make!
You need:
  • A white cake mix - any kind is fine; as long as it's white
  • 6 different food colors (splurge for the fancy stuff that Wilton has; you'll thank me; mixing colors is not easy)
  • 5 different colors of chocolate candy melts - or you can color white candy melts the colors you want with the above food colors.
  • Wax paper and tape
  • 11 plastic baggies.
  • White fluffy frosting for the cloud effect
Here's where the double rainbow comes in......

Ta Daaaaaaaaa!
Mix your white cake mix according to package directions; divide into 6 bags evenly (or however many colors you want. Drop the corresponding food colors into each back and start mixin!

Get some helpers (aren't mine cute!) Cause this takes awhile....
All done?
Ready your cupcake liners and in backwards rainbow order take one baggie at a time, cut a small hole in the bottom, and start squeezing out batter in the cupcakes like so.....

Until your liners are 1/2 full

Then bake and cool.
During the baking process you can start on your chocolate rainbows. (Doesn't that sound just perfect! One of the most beautiful things on earth paired with one of the most beautiful things on earth?!)
Get your template, cover it with wax paper and tape it down to your work surface.
Melt one color of chocolate at a time in a sandwich bag; sealed;  in the microwave at 50% power for about a minute.
Then cut a small hole in the bottom and begin!
It doesn't have to be perfect (as you can see)

Then continue with your next colors; I alternated mine so the earlier color had time to set and to help keep myself in the lines; but color order would work fine too if you're disciplined.

I filled in with blue then yellow and let them set for about an hour

Then frost your cupcakes and carefully peel your rainbows off the wax paper and set them on top! Refrigerate until ready to serve or the rainbows will fall over. :)



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