Any Guesses on this beauty?

What is it? How do you make it? And what could I call it?
And no fair answering if I brought it to your house last weekend, but you can say if it was yummy or not!

Read the comment section if you'd like: and here's the recipe a few days later....thanks for the guesses everyone!
Devilish Chocobrowiniecookie Bars
Get your favorite brownie mix :) or recipe
Mix it up and put it in the pan ready to bake
Bake as long as brownies should MINUS the time the cookie recipe you'll use usually takes
While brownies are baking: thaw your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough :) or mix up a recipe
and drop by teaspoonfuls on top of the brownies that are half baked - about an inch thick or so, if some brownie shows through this is fine

Return to oven and bake for as long as the cookies should be baked.
If still giggly bake longer! Cover the top with foil so the cookies don't turn too dark (like mine did (Wahhhh!)
- For example,
my brownies called for 350 for 35 minutes,
my cookies called for 15 minutes,
so I baked the brownies for 20 minutes,
added the cookie dough and cooked for another 15 minutes.
I covered the dish with tinfoil because it wasn't done yet
and baked mine for another 10 minutes or so
till it wasn't giggly anymore -
Melt some more chocolate chips with a 1/2 tsp of oil in the microwave on 50% power for a minute and stir and cook until melted and drizzle over bars.
Serve warm alone or with ice cream
Anything to make your time on this planet more grand!


  1. I know what this was and it was AWESOME!

  2. Looks like a Jackson Pollock! :)

  3. I think they look like something I make. I just call them Brownie cookies. I just make a brownie mix, and then drop chocolate cookie dough on top and bake them. It looks like yours is drizzles with melted chocolate. Yummy! Let me know if I am close. :D

  4. You made Daniel a batch one time & he shared! Heaven by the handful---that's gotta be the name! Yum! Peggy

  5. Well Peggy I actually didn't make these for Dan, they're new, you're thinking of Caramel Brownies I'll bet! That recipe is here to, and thanks for the title!

    Kristi - you got it! We've decided to call them
    Devilish Chocobrowniecookie Bars

    John - that was fabulous, I'm flattered you think my cooking is art! Or could be compared to such a legend!

    Kevin - Thank you baby!

  6. Hey! I found your site from Carly Friddle's blog. She is one of my long time friends. Your stuff looks amazing! Is it okay if I post a link of this blog to my blog? I am going to try a bunch of your stuff. I love cooking, but am not good enough to change recipes. I love people that do! Thanks!

  7. Liz; of course you can post a link to this blog thanks for asking! I hope you enjoy! Come back and comment on what you tried and any changes you made, love to hear your ideas!

  8. This recipe is exactly like one my daughter concocted once (minus the chocolate drizzle), only she put it into mini-muffin tins. They were delicious! I like the drizzle idea, though, so maybe next time we will try it your way. Love your blog, by the way, and the confidence of knowing that these are all your family's favorites. Can't wait to try some of your recipes! Thanks so much for sharing.


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