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Cafe Rio Pulled Pork

This is THE recipe folks, I have found it!!
(Thank you, oh, Sweet Basil for this recipe and picture credit to Favorite Family Recipes)
Never fear, you can now enjoy that pulled pork salad or quesadilla or burrito in your own home and of your own talents and patience - much less patience than is required at the take out line in Cafe Rio - am I right??
Impress your friends!
This recipe is sweet, tender, and irresistible, i keep going back to the fridge for a fork full.

3 to 4 lb pork shoulder/butt roast
Olde El Paso sauce packet - garlic
I cup A&W Root Beer
2 Cups Brown Sugar

In a large crock pot whisk the ingredients together and pour over pork
Cook on low for 6 hours then pull out, shred the meat, removing fat from meat, (and discard -Ew)
place meat back in sauce (this is where the magic happens) and cook for another hour or two.
Move the meat into another dish and save about 1/4 of the sauce with it to keep it moist and flavorful - this also acts as the sauce base or wet portion…

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