4th of July Cake Bites, Dipped Strawberries & Layered Drinks

Check out these fun things I made for my mom's 4th of July Retirement Party!

 Love these!
Red, White, and Blue Strawberries:
Patriotic Cake Bites!

White chocolate and blue sugar sprinkles. Simple, easy and adorable!
Patriotic Cake Bites
Basic Cake Bite Recipe:
One Cake Mix:
(Any flavor baked in a 9X13 pan
according to package directions and then cooled)
Dump the baked cake into a large bowl
and mix in 3/4 of a tub of any flavor frosting
Mix it all up with your hands
(To the consistancy it all sticks together well)
Roll the mixture into little truffle sized balls
Refrigerate or freeze these until firm
Then dip them into any kind of melted chocolate;
You can also make Cake Pops this way;
have you seen this site??

I used a white cake mix and white frosting
then I divided the frosting/cake mixture up
and tinted each one with non-tasting food gel:
1/4 of it red and 3/4 of it blue:
(Remember to refrigerate between each step)

I rolled the red up into small marble size balls
and then flattened out blue cake to a disk in my palm
and wrapped it around the red ball and rolled then both up:

Then I dipped them and added sprinkles....

Here is the table all done up purty....
 Even the drink got all festive!

Layered Drinks:
This was done with three different kinds of beverages
(doesn't matter what kind, just that they have to be the color you want;
and have three different sugar contents.
First: you fill your container up all the way with Ice -
Ice is a buffer; it helps keep the colors separate. 
(This works in individual glasses too)
Then add the drink for the bottom layer
(It should contain the MOST sugar)

30 grams of sugar - Pina Colada SoBe in this case,
then add a 15 grams of sugar drink (I used Powerade Fruit Punch) ,
then 0 grams of sugar drink (Powerade Zero Mixed Berry)
Cool Huh?

 Hope your 4th is a great one!


  1. You're an inspiration girl! Awesome stuff! I didn't know your mom retired! Congratulations & hugs to her!

  2. I think you might have to help me with the cake balls since somehow it's not making sense to my little brain. :| Regardless, it all looks fabulous and super yummy!


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