Chocolate Covered Toffee

This recipe is fun and easy! I got this from Kevin's mom years ago and I've made this for Christmas and Fall every year since. I break this stuff up and put it in cellophane bags and give to neighboors for Christmas too.

You'll need:
Cookie sheet
Wooden Spoon
Electric frying pan
1/2 cup chopped or slivered almonds
1 large or 2 1/2 regular chocolate bars

For Toffee:
Two Sticks Butter (one can be marjarine)
3 T Water
1 T Karo Syrup
1 C Sugar

Soften butter in electric fry pan on highest setting, add next 3 ingredients and stir gently but consistantly until well blended. Continue to stir mixture until the toffee turns to a darker, paper bag color, 5 minutes or so.....if you take it off too early toffee will be soft instead of crunchy.
Turn off heat and quickly add chopped almonds.

Pour onto greased cookie sheet, spread out a bit.

Use 1 large Hershey bar or 2 1/2 small ones. Break up bar and set on hot toffee, allow to melt a bit....

and spread over toffee.....

Sprinkle sliced almonds over the top and let cool to set for 2 hours or put in fridge for an hour.

Break up toffee with the back of a knife hammer fashion or with hands and watch the smiles!


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