A Cake Less Ordinary

Just a plain ordinary Birthday Cake, So simple.....so cute....so Ordinary.

Yes, that's right, it's a RAINBOW Cake, something requested my by little Cameron, he was turning Five and had an unusual cake request.....I thought frosting colors? Maybe that Pillsbury's Funfetti cake? NAH! I'll make rainbow CAKE......

Here goes!

Get your favorite WHITE Cake mix or recipe and make it; Divide into 6 equal portions and color each one....I use Wilton Food coloring. It's tasteless and it's a gel...easy to tint slowly for the perfect color combinations......

This is the hardest part, it's a little time consuming but fun, my colors are pretty pastel....you could TOTALLY go brighter than this....but I was a little unsure of how they'd taste if the colors were darker

This is the fun part..... pour half of each color in two pans one color at a time.....pour just in the center of the pan, then give it a few seconds to spread out a bit and then pour the next layer directly on top of that one....you can tap the pan for even coverage but the layers spread out pretty nicely on their own.....

My picture flipped but you get the Idea, I did a reversal of color layers for each cake pan.....so purple was the last color I used on cake pan two. (Not shown) Look how bright and shiny!

Then bake according to package or recipe directions and Voila!

Cool for 10 minutes, remove from pans, cool COMPLETELY on wire racks and even out the bottom layer using a knife or the string method so the top layer sits nicely on top of the frosted bottom layer and it doesn't try to slide off (yes, from personal experience)....then frost some more with your favorite frosting.
My kiddo thought I was "SO COOL, MOM!" when he watched me make this little beauty....I'm not a big cake/cookie decorator (no patience for details) so some of you will be proud of me for attempting something so detail oriented.....and some will shrug..... and some will roll your eyes....I hope you don't post a comment if you roll your eyes, I've been known to be sensitive.
But look at my babycake's cake!
For cupcakes I just took a spoonful of each batter and glopped it in one color at a time to 3/4 full and bake as usual.....

Look how CUTE!!


Made these baby's at the same time for a friend's get-together, the cake tasted great! I think they were impressed :)

Now it's time for the variations..... Holiday color combinations......endless possibilites! Sports team colors....remember you can go WAY brighter/darker/whatever! Have FUN!


  1. LOVED it! I can't wait to try it out myself!

  2. Your so awesome!!! What a great idea..they are darling

  3. That's a super idea! Thanks for sharing. We'll have to try it for the November birthdays or maybe just Thanksgiving....


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